Worth It

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tori Kelly - Worth It

I love this girl. She's such an inspiration. I used to be a huge fan of American Idol and I remember seeing her audition and when Simon said he found her voice, "annoying". Now 3 years later...look at her. Pure talent. We all face struggles while chasing our dreams, but when God gives you a gift, He will always present a way for you to fulfill them. Faith, humility and determination will get you there.

"Your time will come, that's what they'd say to me. 
But it's really hard to listen when you'd rather be living your dreams instead of always chasing. 
I've seen so many sunsets. When will I see the sunrise? But I know I'm still learning. 
I know I'll keep growing. Baby I was born for this."

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