Crazy Plants

Thursday, January 29, 2015

So my outdoor plants seem to have gone a bit cray-cray this Winter. I mean look at my little cactus. It's starting to look...questionable. I seriously need to Google how to fix this little guy. Or guys. Since it's growing another head. This is getting awkward. But anywho, it's becoming quite a weird looking plant (see how he looked over 2 months ago).

And this one...this one is turning into a dragon or something. She's getting too wild! I really need to find time to propagate this thing. Cut off all her heads and plant them in new individual pots so they can look tiny and cute again like when I first got her!

And I figured I'd post an update on our Poinsettias. This is pretty amazing comparing to how they looked in my post back in December. I don't think I'll ever get tired of seeing them transform. They make me feel like contemplating about life, nature, God...it just fascinates me so much. I know. I'm weird. Anyone else get excited about this plant??

You know, after examining closely at this plant, I'm starting to think it doesn't "change" colors from green to red. I think this plant grows a "coat" over the leaves to protect it from the cold weather. Because when you feel the green leaf, it feels like any other leaf, smooth and plastic-y. But when you touch the red parts, it feels more like a velvety texture. I could be totally wrong here but it makes complete sense in my head :) Regardless of the reasoning to this amazing color-changing plant, it's simply stunning nonetheless.

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