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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

I've been a fan of Stacie Orrico since I was a teenager. She's had a rocky road with her music career and I'll never understand why. Her voice is so soothing, pure, and like no other (watch a livestream show she hosted for her fans here. That talent is unbelievable!). But I think the reason why she's had a tough time is because she does what so many singers don't do anymore: stick to her morals.

 A lot of music artists nowadays seem like complete sell outs which is why I tend to not pay much attention to Top-40-hit-artists. You see them change more and more (negatively) as their fame grows and it becomes difficult to differentiate what means more to them: the music or the fame. Plus, I just don't understand why the world would embrace "artists" who shove their body parts in our faces along to a "catchy" beat and consider that "music". Really? Well, I guess the phrase is, "to each their own".

Stacie has appeared and disappeared so many times and doesn't seem to have any consistent way of updating her fans—announcing a new album in the works, and it never comes out. But It's never upset me because, and even if I obviously don't know this woman personally, I knew that she was just simply finding her way in this world. Like all of us. And she released this video to explain that. It was refreshing to hear what she's been up to. I completely love the realness of this woman.

I'm not a fan of the up-beat pop songs she's done in the past (I'm not a fan of that genre in general). I personally love her jazzy R&B ballads. Those are just...heavenly! It suits her voice so well. I stumbled upon her more recent releases late last year and recently rediscovered them again. Every time I hear her voice, I lose faith in humanity because she isn't recognized or given enough credit for this brilliant talent she has. But with my personal feelings against mankind aside, I would like to share this beautifully written song entitled, "Free Falling (Don't Let Me Down)" by the lovely Ms. Stacie Orrico. Enjoy :)

"Here I stand, my heart in my hand. 
I am sortin' through the mess so I can make a little room for you.
Let’s start again with something new. 
Let’s iron out the past so I can watch myself unfold to you."

Photo Credit: Photos via Stacie's official Facebook page

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