Propagating the Dragon

Sunday, March 08, 2015

So I finally found time to do some propagation with this multiple-head-growing succulent! If you don't know what propagation is, it's basically taking a part from your plant and growing more from it. You can do this by either pulling off a leaf from a succulent or from cuttings (cutting off a portion of the plant that has grown unpleasantly like with the plant I'm featuring in this post).

I found this website that can explain it better than I did in case my explanation confused you :) But anywho, here's the entire plant unpotted:

Not sure if I already said this in another post (not surprised if I did) but plants just...fascinate me!! When I bought this plant, it looked nothing like this (see the little baby here). Nature is just...amazing. I...have no words. How a tiny single-headed plant grows into this crazy looking thing in just a few months, it's just...mind boggling.

I originally planned on separating all of the heads (I don't know what else to call it so let's just go with that) but I ended up just cutting off one head to see how that little guy would do on his own and now he looks just like how he originally did. I put him back in the pot I removed him from and decided to place the larger portion of the remaining plant in its own pot.

It's been a little over a week since I took these photos and I am happy to say that both plants are doing well! I've already seen another head sprouting from the larger plant. Crazy! I'm one proud mama :)

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