Gloomy Day in Kaneʻohe

Saturday, June 06, 2015

Earlier this week, we headed out to the windward side of Oʻahu. It doesn't matter how many times I've visited Kaneʻohe, its lush green majestic mountains always takes my breath away...even on a gloomy day.

We've actually been experiencing this cloudy, gloomy and HUMID weather all over the island for weeks now. I live out on the opposite side of the island where our mountains aren't green, but dry and brown (basically just dirt and dead grass). The windward side stays this beautiful because it gets lots of rain and the weather is cooler. So I was looking forward to this far trip down the H3 to beat this Hawai'i summer heat!

My nephew, a 2015 graduate from James Castle High school, was celebrating his graduation at the YWCA Camp Kokokahi. Remember what I said about beating the summer heat? Nope! It was uncomfortably humid even on this side of the island! But I'll admit, the views made it tolerable. I took a little walk down to the shore. Gloomy and depressing looking, yes...but the water is always calming.


Grad parties always seem to have great food...especially with Hawaiian food! It can be easily bought anywhere here, obviously, but because I love it SO much, I try to wait till there's a party or a special occasion to eat it. I like waiting for specific times to enjoy certain things (ex. pumpkin pie only on Thanksgiving, peppermint only during Christmas, etc). Anticipation just makes things better :) Anywho, another reason this party was pretty awesome: Bubble Soccer!

I've never seen or heard of this in my entire life but I must say, it was pretty damn entertaining to watch! It's basically playing soccer but in a bubble lol. How epic is that?! Players did say it was hard to breathe in those bubbles though, which was my main concern since my asthmatic allergies were kickin' in this day. Definitely wanna play in this thing one day though!

Great day and party overall, minus the humidity. Besides my seasonal asthma, I have eczema too so this heat has had me breakin' out in rashes :( Can Summer hurry up and pass, please? Winter, i'm ready for you! :D

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