Killer Heat

Sunday, June 28, 2015

So...I bought more plants again :D If I see one I've never had before, I just can't help it! And they're so tiny and cute and it makes it that much harder to resist. Ohh what am I doing. I don't need to explain my love for plants! At least I don't collect stamps or something...no offense to stamp collectors *insert monkey covering its eyes emoji here*.

I potted the cactus in its own pot and grouped the rest. Aren't they just the fricken cutest??! My little babies <3

In other news, while cacti and succulents can tolerate the heat, others obviously can't. Look at our poor palms and Anthuriums :( It's always warm here in Hawai'i but it's been so ridiculously hot this summer. Global warming is real folks!

Poinsettia update time! These guys have definitely been shedding some leaves. They'll grow back some nice, lush green leaves soon but until then, these stemy looking things look like they're dying o__O

Bart makes a small appearance on the bottom right. Look at his curly tail hehehe <3

Let's take a moment to say farewell to the majestic winter red poinsettia leaves. Can't wait to see them transform colors again :)

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