Bye Bye, Little Ones

Monday, September 07, 2015

We've been off and on from flash flood warnings for the past months because of all of these storms passing through the islands. And we've been getting some crazy thunder and lightning too, making my cat and dogs go nuts (pet owners, you know the frustration). Although the heavy rain has been a nice break from all the hot sun we've been getting this summer, it hasn't been so nice for my little plants :(

Look at what the rain did to my little cactus!! Split him down the middle :(

Ok now this one seriously was so devastating to see. RIP to my 3 little babies I got back in June. I usually bring my more sensitive/younger plants indoors when the sky's pissin' it down but I forgot this time :( I'm just gonna leave them there as is and see if they grow back.

But in happier news, the cactus I bought along with the 3 (now dead) succulents has been doing just fine! It's even bloomed a flower!!! It's also grown a few more arms. Crazy. And now, check out the poinsettias!

Look at how full they've gotten since my last update in June! Seriously, I can't get over this plant. I know I talk about them all the time and I won't be surprised if you thought I was insane but these things are just...*sighhh. I don't know man. I love them. I just simply adore them :)

Summer's almost over and I. Can't. Wait!! But based on how hot summer was this year, I have a feeling it won't be as chilly during the Fall season. I hope I'm wrong. Because I bought a new sweater last month and I really wanna use it lol :D

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