Sunday, September 13, 2015

I spent quite some time scrolling through my old photos on Instagram today and I just love looking through my collection of plant posts (no surprise). I created a hashtag #gardenadventuresJG for the collection when I first got my account, but then I started seeing some other person using that hashtag which totalllllly ruined it for me. I mean, why would someone even use that? It has my initials! Anyways, that really bothered me (lol) so a few months ago, I logged into my old account (janicegaspar, I no longer use this one but decided to keep it up for memories sake. Current account is (heyjahnice) and scrolled through my whole feed and changed the hashtag on all of my plant photos :D I'm not insane, am I? Anyways, I wanted something simple and straight to the point (hence the title of this post). Here's a few of my favorite photos from that hashtag. You can view the rest here. Enjoy!

#janicelovesplants #igotitfrommymama <3

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