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Monday, October 12, 2015

When I first started designing, I mainly got requests for personal projects like birthday invites, graduations, holiday cards, etc. But as my portfolio grew and the more experience I gained, those type of projects rarely came my way. I began getting requests for more business and branding related projects which is what I've grown to mainly focus on. So whenever I receive a personal project to design, I hesitate a little bit. I always feel like I'll end up making it look more like a promotional event flyer than a fun birthday invitation =P But I recently was asked to design a baby announcement card for a dance teacher from my workplace and I must say, i'm pleased with how it turned out!

Original unedited photo (shot by Wendy Calio-Gilbert)

I went for a simple whimsical style and I think it looks quite charming! I love simplicity. Especially when you want the photo to stand out and be the main focus, you don't want to bombard it with fancy graphic elements. I simply adore the end result and was so happy they ended up loving it as well. Congrats to this beautiful family on their new blessing!

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