Sunday, May 15, 2016

I've been neglecting this overgrown Kalanchoe plant for so long...maybe too long. I have my succulents and cacti sitting on a shelf attached to our fence and this thing has waaaay surpassed it. I keep forgetting to measure the height of my crazy monster plants but I'm pretty positive it was 2 feet or more.

I mean...look at this thing!!

It's grown all these scary looking branches too. Or...are they roots? I have no idea but this thang just wasn't looking pretty anymore. I still trip out when I remember what it used to look like.

Propagation was way overdue. I didn't even know how to propagate this thing. I just went with my gut: de-pot and break apart slowly and gently. After successfully getting it out of its pot, I chopped it in half. The part on the right I kept together and the part on the left I split in half to make two little plants.

And here they are in their new homes! The right pot has the top half of the plant and the left pot has the bottom part of the plant that I split in two (I don't know why I didn't include the other half I potted in this pic). I think they turned out beautiful! They have so much more room to breathe now :)

And now...it's this weird looking cactus' turn.

Its arms were just growing oddly so I decided to break them apart. Is it just me or are my descriptions of propagating plants always sound so violent and brutal? Anyyyways...to break apart the arms, I slowly twisted them off instead of just yanking them off.

And here they are! All cute and upright. Well, except for the pot in the back. That's what was remaining after I took out and broke off some arms. Those pieces are what you see in the right pot, with the flower blooming. The pot on the left is actually a different cacti that I just refreshed with new gravel and rocks.

Separating all of these plants are making my succulent and cacti shelf so crowded! I've thought about selling some of my plants. They seem to grow so quickly which makes it great for propagation. But I get lazy when it comes to selling things at swap meets or garage sales. I'll just continue being the crazy plant hoarder lady.

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