Art Sale Fundraiser for OAPO

Saturday, March 25, 2017

A group of amazing parents from my work place, Pas De Deux Hawaii (PDD), recently formed a non-profit organization, Oahu Performing Arts `Ohana (OPAO), to support our performing arts community. PDD is currently prepping for "The Dance Awards", a dance competition held in Las Vegas. And to help with competition fees and travel expenses, OPAO has been doing various fundraisers. I wanted to help chip in so I've donated all of my art work left over from art shows I've displayed at in the past.

It was very bittersweet going down memory lane, remembering all of these old pieces I've created. Some of these pieces go back to 2007 (a decade ago...yikes!!). But I hope they do well! It was a bit hard to let some of them go. I know I can always reprint them for myself, but still...I think of them as my babies :'(

Thank you to everyone who purchases any of my pieces!
I hope you enjoy them in your home or office :)

Good luck PDD! <3

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