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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

This project has been a long time coming. For many years, I've been collecting inspiring quotes and favorite scriptures, hoping to turn them into typography prints. Like many other ideas I have, this one has been sitting on the back burner...until now.

My dad's battle with thyroid cancer is still ongoing and medical bills are always an inevitable struggle. In December of 2016, we learned that chemo was no longer working; not only were new tumors appearing, but his heart had taken a beating. We stopped chemo in January to prevent more damage to his heart and started his new phase in life: hospice care. But before we made the transition, we decided to try external beam radiation just one more time to alleviate pain. For nearly the entire month of March, he received radiation to multiple areas in his body. Along with radiation, he also had multiple ER visits which included various scans. Add all of that together...and the financial stress starts to seep in. And my heart felt the conviction. 

Since my dad's diagnosis, I've tried my best to utilize the talents God gave me by putting together fundraisers to help with medical costs. In 2015, I printed t-shirts featuring a design I created of Manny Pacquiao for his high-profile boxing match to Floyd Mayweather. In 2016, I held an online fundraiser via REVO Oahu, in preparation for our online educational campaign for thyroid cancer awareness month. And now, in 2017, I've finally finished a project I've been waiting so long to do; a project so personal and dear to me: a collection of prints featuring scriptures and song lyrics that have always tugged at my heart. 

These words are so symbolical of everything I've gone through and experienced these past few years. Although I've collected many quotes along the way, I've condensed them to six specific ones that I feel best describes the stages of my journey; a journey I'm still on and continue to struggle with. But even after all the hardships I've had to face, not only as a caregiver, but simply as a daughter, I've learned that no matter what happens, you need to hold on. You need to have hope. Because without that, you are literally left with nothing. Even in my most darkest and most weakest moments, I was always reminded that I still have so much to offer; so much to do; so much to live for. All you need is the strength to get through today. Tomorrow's worries are for tomorrow (Matthew 6:34).

Stay the course, hold on, and always move forward.
. . .


All quotes come in 3 different background options 
(Textured White, Brown Paper, and Black Chalkboard)
 and in 2 sizes, 8"x10" and 5"x7". 
*Frames NOT included.*

Available now for purchase at

All proceeds will go towards medical costs for my dad's cancer treatments. 
Thank you for your support <3

Font credits: Ryan Prasetya, Alit Suarnegara, and Hanoded

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