PDD Hawaii: Old School Jamz

Sunday, October 15, 2017

The theme for our 2017 annual dance recital at Pas De Deux Hawaii is inspired by songs from the 80's-90's, therefore entitled, "Old School Jamz"! When I was planning the flyer, I originally thought of doing some kind of graffiti style design inspired by the prominent hip hop culture from those decades; a more grungy tone and darker colors, maybe some brick and concrete textures...but then Lisa Frank popped into my head (oh, the good old days) and then, well, that totally changed the direction.

I started googling Lisa Frank and ohhhhhhh em gee...the nostalgia! Go to Google images, type in Lisa Frank, and just scroll through the photos while you cry hysterically because the good old days were seriously THAT GOOD and it will never be the same and kids these days will NEVER understand how AMAZING pop culture was growing up in the '90s! Seriously. Especially when it came to music. Calling radio stations to request your favorite song, buying teen magazines to get the scoop on your favorite celebs, religiously watching TRL everyday to see if your favorite video made the top spot, growing your cd collection...*sigh. Music just had such a unique appeal back in the day. And now with social media, it takes away that appeal. Everything is so "instant". It takes away all the fun! ANYWAYS, back to the subject...

I decided to go for bright and bold colors because the '80s-'90's were obviously no strangers to colors! I kept in the concrete texture from my original idea, which I think brings it all together. I dig it.

Reminiscing about the past is so bittersweet. I'm just glad to have grown up during a time where I got to experience life BEFORE the internet and social media took over. It was such a sweeter time then; you were able to grasp life better because life didn't revolve around a little screen. Oh well. The times, they are a-changin'.

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