Philippines 2018: Nature Life in Davao

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Part 4! Heading to the 3rd region...Mindanao!

After our last lunch in Cebu (I forgot what the restaurant was called), we flew to our next destination: Davao! 

Bye Cebu! I think that's Cebu island. Pretty sure. If not, oh well 😅

The clouds were amazingly stunning during this flight!

And scary too! This photo doesn't do it any justice at all, but the clouds were HUGE! We hit some major turbulence going through them. Passengers screamed. Is it bad that I actually enjoyed it? Felt like a theme park ride 🙈

We landed safe and sound!

We stayed at Go Hotels and had breakfast at Sundays Modern Home Cooking restaurant which was located on the ground floor of the hotel. Hipsters would love this restaurant. 😇

My seat was under this fake tree. Literally. It kept hitting me while I ate.

After breakfast, it was time for another adventure! But first...Durian. No thank you! I stayed in the van 😂

First tourist stop in Davao: Eden Nature Park.

Another staged photo I made Charlene pose for 😂

Philippine deer!


More flowers.


A rainbow.

Eden Nature Park, #JahniceWasHere

"When I find myself in times of trouble..."


Indigenous houses! There were more, but I only went inside this one.

This well was so pretty!

It was filled with Hibiscus'!

In front of a Hibiscus bush. Too bad it was kinda bare :( 
I assume they have to fill that well pretty often.

2nd tourist spot: Philippine Eagle Center.


Oh, hi there!

It literally just stared at me like that.

It wasn't until my auntie's brother pointed it out that I saw what it was...and now I can't unsee it! A bunch of bats sitting on the branches! 😱

Philippine eagle!

Hi Pumba! OMG he (or she, I have no idea, but i'll just go with a he) was so cute! He was busy trying to open a coconut for awhile, and then when Charlene and I was saying bye, he ran up to us!! So cute! Hope you got that coconut opened, buddy!

I touched it. It was...squishy.

3rd and last tourist spot in Davao: Crocodile Park. This is most likely the weirdest thing I've ever eaten..crocodile ice cream. Chocolate ice cream mixed with crocodile meat 😶 I couldn't finish it lol! It did NOT taste like chocolate to me!! 😷

Such tiny, harmless creatures...compared to what we saw next...

Tigers! Ahhh! My favorite wild animal!! This is the closest I've ever been to one! I couldn't help but think how if the cage we were walking on broke apart and we fell, that would be it lol! Dinner for the tigers. 🙈 There were a lot of them down there. 😅

Idk what they were feeding it, but the sounds it was making was terrifying 🙈

Sheep and turkeys just chillin'. Love it!!!


Ok everyone, meet Stuart (I named him). There were 3 ostriches, and I wanted to feed all of them, but this one was such a hogger! He even tried to take my entire bag of feed!

You naughty, naughty ostrich! ButIKindaMissYou.

This was a weird experience lol

We ended our day with dinner at Taklobo restaurant, where this monkey nearly gave me a heart attack (he jumped at me through the stair railing and I FREAKED...until I realized he was on a leash lol). After dinner, we flew back to Manila to start the journey to our final destination of this trip.

Part V (the last part) in the next post!

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