Philippines 2018: Serenity in Cebu

Friday, April 13, 2018

Part 3...I 💗 CEBU!

On to the next Visayan city: Cebu! I fell asleep on this ferry ride. The water is so calming. 💗

Passed by this building on the drive to our next hotel. Idk what it is, but it looked important and I just wanted to take a photo of it. 😅

7-eleven! Idk why but I was surprised by it lol! 

Snack stop. Cornic and Chicharon (none for me).

It was a looonnnng, and bumby ride (some of the keiki in our group even had to palu 😢)...but a sore butt from sitting for hours was soooo worth it because THIS HOTEL WAS JUST: 😍😍😍

Seascape Beach Resort = MUST. GO. BACK.

I'll never get over how beautiful the water is. I'm so thankful that I am never too far from this view back at home in Hawai`i. 💖

I love how private it was! The hotel was small, only a few rooms (which our group pretty much booked up lol), but less rooms mean less people to crowd the place, hooray!

And this infinity pool...goodness! I just wanted to live in it! Never been to a place like this in Hawai`i before (and I probably never will because it most likely would cost a mortgage payment 😅).

Me: Charlene, stand there and make a shaka
*Charlene looks to camera and smiles*
Me: No, no! Move your hand so it covers your face!
Charlene: What?!
Me: Just trust my vision!!!

Teheeee! :)

"Scrambled eggs, or over easy?"

Speaking of eggs...this is what we had for breakfast the next day! UBE PANCAKES! NOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOM. NOM.

On our 2nd day in Cebu, we went to see whale sharks! I contemplated on whether or not I wanted to go in the water and actually see them but...the instructional lady was scary. And she made everything sound super scary, "Do NOT go near the whale shark and do NOT panic. This will make them violent." Umm...kaaaay then, nevermind! And the fact that I can't actually swim, I just knew I'd die in there. The stupid bamboo bridge was risky enough for me.


Ahhh! Do you see it? 


DO YOU SEE IT NOW?!!!! Its fin! Ahhhh!

Then we headed back to the hotel for lunch. Fresh Buko!

Lunch time! Squid Adobo!! NomnomnwdhaesfhsdbvhsdvNOM!

After lunch, we checked out of the Seascape Beach Resort. 😭😭😭 
On the way to our next hotel, we visited more tourist spots. 

First up, the Philippine Taoist Temple.


I loved how we walked down many stairs to get back to our shuttle vans, only to find out our drivers had to park somewhere else after they dropped us off. So we had to walk up the stairs again, and walk down another set of stairs to get to the vans. I felt so bad for the seniors in our group. 😅

Bye Mushu!

Our next hotel! Tsai Hotel. Such a hip and trendy spot!

After we checked in, we headed to a nearby military base for dinner, Camp Lapu-Lapu.

Charlene and I made a new friend there! A little kitten, and we named her Ceby :) 
Because...she lives in Cebu. We're so creative 😁

So what's for dinner, soldiers?

"Boodle Fight"

My first kamayan meal (eating with your hands)! The germaphobe in me tried real hard to keep it together lol! But I respect traditions. There's a first time for everything, right? 😅

After dinner, we went on a late night drive to visit 10,000 Roses Cafe.

The next morning, we had breakfast at this cute little restaurant across of our hotel.

This quote though. #PREACH

After breakfast, we headed to one more tourist spot before we left Cebu, the Temple of Leah.

This is Leah.

Bye, Cebu!! I miss you the most!

Souvenir shopping.

Part IV in the next post!

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