Philippines 2018: Turistas in Bohol

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Part 2! And it was...interesting! 😂 Every time I think back at this part of my trip, I am always left feeling exhausted at the thought of how much we did in one day. It was the epitome of a non-stop adventure.

After a few hours of sleep at the hotel in Manila, we were off to an early morning flight to another region of the Philippines: Visayas! First city on the agenda: Bohol.

Me: Charlene, sit there and act like you're reading.
Charlene: *turns to me* ...but I AM reading...
Me: Yea ok, just sit there and act like you're reading again.

Ohhhh, my poor Tartar. The things I make her do tehee 😇😂

In Bohol! Time to find out what we're doing today. 🙈

First tourist spot: the Bohol Tarsier Sanctuary

The Tarsier is a small, nocturnal, leaping primate, found only in Southeast Asia, primarily in the Philippines.

I wanted to take a photo of me leaving my footprint in the places I visited. Bohol Tarsier Sanctuary, #JahniceWasHere

On the way to our next stop, I saw that many of the roads were lined with these. My uncle said it's how they dry rice after harvesting. Good to know!

2nd tourist spot: Lunch along the Loboc River!

I think this was my official first meal in the Philippines and it was yummy! Karabasa...nomnomnomnomnom.

Ahhh...so peaceful! 😍

We took like 34944874 selfies. It was difficult. Note to self: buy a selfie stick.


And the lunch ride ended with a special performance! Thank you!

3rd tourist spot: Chocolate Hills!

All I can think of is Fergie.

Up the hill, we go! 214 steps. I so did not bring the right shoes for this.

I swear a dinosaur is just gonna come out of here one day.

The "chocolate hills" are actually covered in green grass, but at the end of the dry season, it turns brown, hence where the name of this tourist attraction came from.

At the top of the hill...

...and back down we go!

As I was taking this photo with my right hand, I was eating an icy cold chocolate popsicle with my left. Well deserved, Janice.

4th tourist spot: Bamboo Hanging Bridge 😶 

OK so let's back up and talk about this for a moment. I didn't mention it earlier, but for the entire duration of this trip, we traveled with a group of about 17 people (my auntie's family). When we got to this bridge, I was like, "UMMM. NO." But I was in the middle of the group, and we somehow all got on it at once so like, I had no where to go, and like...I didn't get to pray to baby Jesus or meditate or nothin'...I WAS JUST ON IT! I've never said, "Baby Jesus, please take the wheel!" so many times in my life before. I mean, I was asking a BABY to DRIVE...I literally lost my sanity.

But you know, I still had to leave my footprint lol! #JahniceWasHere you stupid bridge that's only made of bamboo and rope!!

When we got to the end, I was told the only way back was to cross the other bridge and I was like, "WHAT?!!!!!" Our group was out there taking photos, and there were other people jumping on the bridge just so they can get cool shots for the gram, but I was like, "YEA NO. I AIN'T WAITING FOR NO ONE!" aaaannndd I went back RIGHT AWAY by myself, with poor Charlene following me lol! 😂 I was NOT about to die with these jumping people. 

At the half way point back, I honestly considered crawling my way back LOLOL!!!! "Please baby Jesus, please. Please! I know you have more plans for me! This can't be it!" I'm not even joking. I repeated that to myself the whole way back! 😂😭😭😭

Yay auntie!

Yay uncle!

5th tourist spot: Zip-lining. 

After that death walk on the bridge, I was ready to just woosah! I didn't even care about my fear of heights anymore. I just wanted to sit and inhale, exhale.

About half way through this cable car zip-line...I was bored. I kept thinking, "I should've done the flying zip-line!"

My auntie and her niece flying! If there was a way to secure my glasses while doing that, I so would have! People kept telling me, "just take it off!" but um...I don't think people understand: I'm like blind without my glasses! If i'm gonna be flying, i'd actually like to see what's going on 😅

The ride back was soooooo long. But a great breath of fresh air, indeed!

And we ended our night with a beachfront dinner at IForgotTheNameOfThisHotel.

Part III in the next post!

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