PDD Hawaii: Step Right Up

Saturday, August 11, 2018

PDD Hawaii's theme for their 2018 dance recital is the circus...and I struggled to come up with a concept for the poster. My solution? Have "The Greatest Showman" soundtrack on repeat. Oh boyyy, did that work!

When it comes to circus theme designs, I feel like there are only two options: the vintage route, or the bright and youthful route. I personally love vintage posters; there's something about that style that just feels so...authentic. So no surprise, I was completely inspired by that style for this poster! I think by keeping the graphic elements simple and clean, I was able to make it feel like a modern design, but by adding in the rough textures and muting down the color scheme, it still keeps that classic, old school, bearded-lady-circus feel. Best of both worlds.

Thank you to "The Greatest Showman" for keeping me fueled to finish this :)

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