You Just Jump

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

I've been watching Gilmore Girls since I was a teenager. And since then, I've watched it every year during the Fall. And every year, this one episode always gets me; makes me wonder if there will ever be a year when I'll watch this scene and say, "I did it."

I resonate so much with Lorelai. Her sense of humor. Her trust issues. Her doubtfulness and fears. Her pride in being independent. And in some cases, even her relationship with her mother. But mainly, her entrepreneurial dreams. Unfortunately, there is no "Luke" in my life, but I am grateful for the friends who, at most times, believe in my dreams more than I believe in them myself.

About this scene: 
Lorelai's biggest dream is to open her own Inn with her best friend, Sookie. 
After a big argument, her doubts start to sink in. 

*The specific part i'm referring to is from 0:57-2:41.

Luke: I don't get it. You're as ready as you've ever been.
Lorelai: Oh Luke, do not underestimate the complete and total lack of confidence I have in my abilities.
Luke: What? You're the most confident person I know. Obnoxiously so.
Lorelai: Thank you.
Luke: I mean in a good way. You're good at what you do and you know it.
Lorelai: Oh, no, no, no. I'm good at doing what I have to do. When I had to get a job, I got it. When I had to find a house for us and a life for us, I got it. When I had to get Rory into Chilton, I did it. But I don't have to leave the Independence Inn. I don't have to go into business for myself, I don't have to walk out on that limb and risk everything I've worked for.
Luke: Then do it.
Lorelai: What?
Luke: Just stay where you are.
Lorelai: What is this, reverse psychology?
Luke: No, just stay at the inn. You're happy there.
Lorelai: Oh, so you think I can't hack it.
Luke: Of course you can hack it.
Lorelai: Great, lip service, that's what I need.

. . . . . .

Luke: You're just scared. Just like everybody else when they're taking on something big.
Lorelai: Well, then what does everybody else do to get through this feeling?
Luke: They run in the back, throw up, pass out and then smack their head on the floor.
Lorelai: What?
Luke: That's what I did on the first morning I opened the diner. Look, there is no button to push to get you through this. You just gotta jump in and be scared and stick with it until it gets fun.
Lorelai: How long 'til the diner got fun?
Luke: About a year.
Lorelai: Wow. And there's no button?
Luke: Nope.
Lorelai: How about a lever, can I pull a lever?
Luke: Nope.
Lorelai: Turn a knob?
Luke: Nope.
Lorelai: You just jump?
Luke: You just jump.
Lorelai: I wanna do it.
Luke: You should do it.

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