Janice Gaspar is a self-taught Freelance Graphic Designer, born and raised on the island of O'ahu, Hawai'i. She started off with an interest in traditional art as a child, but later on by the age of 13, discovered her new found love for the digital art world through graphic design.

After high school, she was finally able to share her art with the public by displaying her work in various art shows on O'ahu and on the Big Island. Her work thrived in the art scene and because of it, she has met a lot of other creative-type individuals that have helped launch her freelance graphic design business. Years later in March of 2013, she had her last art display at the former 3rd Cup Cafe & Venue. Participating in art shows were the highlight of her late teens/early twenty's, but as time went on, she wanted to redirect her focus and devote her time to growing her design business. Since 2008, she has designed for numerous clients here in Hawai'i and on the mainland as well, ranging from small business owners, boutiques, churches, musicians and more. Although she designs for clients across the country, she especially loves working with clients based in Hawai'i such as HE>i, The Boutique Hilo, Slapp Symphony, and Ben & Maila. Janice is also the in-house graphic designer at local performing arts school, Pas De Deux Hawaii located in Waipio.

For as long as she can remember, Janice always knew what she wanted to do when she grew up. She's always been a dream chaser. And through her other business venture, REVO Oahu, she is fortunate enough to combine the three biggest dreams she's been pursing all her life: share her art with the world, use her talents to serve a greater purpose, and to be an aspiring entrepreneur. At REVO Oahu, Janice, along with her team of dedicated volunteers, put together creative benefit events for various non-profits with the sole purpose of helping educate others about local and global social injustices. She hopes to inspire and encourage those around her, especially young adults, to utilize their talents in helping make a positive impact in this world.

Her biggest dream is to hopefully one day expand her freelance design business into a fully functioning design and print center (which would also double as the storefront of REVO Oahu). But until that day comes...working at the comfort of her own home will have to do :)

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